New release

Today there’s a new release, all known issues have been fixed, flood control has been implemented.

Coming with this there’s a new TODO-List

Web-php based control

  • room/channel control
  • change configurations
  • max users, flood control etc.
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Fix Known Issues.
Add flood- and characterlimit to messages sent.
Save nickname/codec/bitrate

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New status message

From now on there’ll be a statusmessage when someone timed-out but is in the peersList.

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PHP Server side rewritten

After reading the PHP manual, I’ve grown to dislike the way PHP is documented, the documentation must be the worst I’ve ever read, however I got a lot more knowledge about PHP now.
On another note, I’ve made a DBController class which utilizes the PDO Class to perform the queries to the underlying database. The code is a lot cleaner and much nicer to maintain. All the other php files are adjusted to use the the DBController class.
This is also the reason why the GVoipOnline website was not functioning normally the past day.

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API Documentation

The past few days I’ve worked on the API Documentation of the GVoip application:
comments are welcome.


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More than 8 ppl [FIXED]

There’s currently a bug in the code regarding the queries, at the moment it’s possible to add more than 8 people to the group room.
This isn’t supposed to happen, and creates unexpected errors. So yeah do not try etc, it’s all client side, so at most it’ll just crash.
Just be warned.
It will be fixed.

The bug has been fixed it was a small error in the PHP code.

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Message delivery is ensured..

A new class governs the receiving and sending of messages.
In each message there’s a variable called ack. Its value is false when it’s a normal message.
However upon receiving a message an empty message with the unique message_id will be sent
with ack = true.
Upon receiving this ack, the peer will be removed from the resend list. However when a message needs
to be resent, it is assumed that the peer is not connected with the sender. The peer will then be added
as a neighbor and the message will be resent.

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Quick update: resource hog fix

A small bug ran into the code while cleaning up which resulted in a strong referenced eventListener never being removed and readded itself everytime the microphone was activated. Now all temporary eventListeners are weak referenced as common practice, but they will still be manually removed.

When letting the garbage collector throw away the weak referenced listeners when idle the resource would be around 20% on a Core2Duo T7300 (mobile) and when it’s done manually it goes to around 0 – 3%.

The resource hog has thus been fixed.

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Message delivery is not ordered. Message delivery is not guaranteed.

That’s not very convenient.. at all. As of now messages disappear sometimes due to this feature.

A solution needs to be implemented.

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NetGroup :D

The NetGroup Class is initialized this way:

netGroup = new NetGroup(nc,groupspec.groupspecWithAuthorizations());

with nc : NetConnection and groupspec : GroupSpecifier

When a user gives permission to upload using his own bandwidth and ticks to remember the setting, NetStatusEvent info.code will not give the “NetGroup.Connect.Success” code again the next times the application is launched.

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