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Fix Known Issues. Add flood- and characterlimit to messages sent. Save nickname/codec/bitrate

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More than 8 ppl [FIXED]

There’s currently a bug in the code regarding the queries, at the moment it’s possible to add more than 8 people to the group room. This isn’t supposed to happen, and creates unexpected errors. So yeah do not try etc, … Continue reading

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Quick update: resource hog fix

A small bug ran into the code while cleaning up which resulted in a strong referenced eventListener never being removed and readded itself everytime the microphone was activated. Now all temporary eventListeners are weak referenced as common practice, but they … Continue reading

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NetGroup :D

The NetGroup Class is initialized this way: netGroup = new NetGroup(nc,groupspec.groupspecWithAuthorizations()); netGroup.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS,netStatus); with nc : NetConnection and groupspec : GroupSpecifier When a user gives permission to upload using his own bandwidth and ticks to remember the setting, NetStatusEvent info.code will … Continue reading

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Code structure revised

Code structure revised, more constants added for better referencing. Because many handlers are being used, instead of var i : Object = new Object(); i.blabla = fHandler; this will be used private const BLABLA : String = “blabla”; var i … Continue reading

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GUI Update

Updates: The GUI of the application has been updated. The original checkboxes indicating status and microphone activity have been replaced by a colored dot and a graphical display respectively.

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