Known issues

Here I will write down the known bugs and update this list from time to time. Fixed bugs will be marked as [FIXED]

Known issues:
Individual volume slider gets stuck after use. [FIXED]
Speaker Volume Bar doesn’t work. [FIXED]
Microphone loudness settings aren’t changed on drag. [FIXED]
No autoscrolling in chat [FIXED]
Writing is enabled in the Status messages panel [FIXED]
Messages delivery not guaranteed [FIXED]
More than 8 people are able to join the channel, this is not supposed to happen. [FIXED]
Microphone activity not displaying sometimes:
Some microphones activate at another point of app execution resulting in wrongly referenced eventListeners. [FIXED]
Peer volume sliders reset to 50% every 30 seconds. [FIXED]
Time display is not showing minutes. [FIXED]
Disconnected peers are not removed. [FIXED]

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